Quality Welding
Many sheet metal manufacturers shy away from welding as it requires a great degree of expertise and often leaves cosmetic blemishes to the end product. This process is very useful, however, and it increases the types of jobs that a facility can take on.
A major medical corporation contracted Hartzell to produce the chassis for an eye surgery machine. To improve the quality of the product, Hartzell decided to spot weld the parts to the column of the chassis. This posed a problem though because the finished product would normally show uneven marks and burns on the finished surface.
Anticipating that spot welding might cause end product blemishes, Hartzell added another step to the finishing process. After the chassis was spot welded and assembled a body filler was added to the weld spots to smooth out any imperfections. From this point the normal finishing process could resume and the chassis would be produced without any imperfections.
By spot welding parts onto the chassis column Hartzell improved the overall quality of the product. The extra step in the finishing process ensured that there were no imperfections in the end product. The result was a product that exceeded the customer’s expectations and provided the necessary functionality for the rest of the machine.
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