Streamlining Production Efficiency
Producing metalwork parts from fabrication to finish allows Hartzell to streamline its production process. Many manufacturers have to outsource some of their production, but Hartzell has the capacity to complete the entire job. The Bank Drive-Thru Tube is a great example where we were able to improve production efficiency by 40%.
Our customer needed fabricated tubes for drive-thru banking and could not find a manufacturer that could complete the entire job. The Company was working with four separate manufacturers to complete the final product. Below is a sequence of the workflow before Hartzell began working on manufacturing the tubes:
1.   Company A: Laser cut tube
2.   Company B: Welded various parts onto tube
3.   Company C: Cleaned and powder coated parts
4.   Company D: Assembled finished parts
Hartzell consolidated the previous workflow sequence so that the entire project was completed by one manufacturer instead of four.
By consolidating the production process, Hartzell greatly reduced the end cost of the bank tube with only one manufacturer producing the product. Efficiency was also increased as the product did not have to be shipped from company to company. Hartzell provided a high quality solution that saved the bank time and money by dealing with only one company.
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