Providing Expert
Sheet Metal
Sheet metal manufacturing is needed in almost every industry and Hartzell is proud to offer fabrication and machining solutions for a wide range of business types. From large medical companies to small electronics firms we have the skill and expertise to meet your production requirements. Let our Company service the entire scope of your fabrication and machining needs.
Major Industries Served
Our Company has worked with many of the corporations in the medical industry. We have produced a wide range of products including parts for an eye surgery chassis and media warmer boxes.
A reputation of quality has led to a strong partnership with the electronics industry. We have produced housing enclosures for computers, circuit board, and display panels just to name a few.
Bank and Security
Hartzell has worked with numerous bank suppliers to meet their various casing needs. From ATM display casings to the drive-thru tubes used for money exchanges we have numerous product requests from the banking industry.
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