KFC Point-of-Sale Display
The majority of our customers have product specifications prepared when we input the blueprints into our CAD system. There are instances, however, where the customer requests that we design the product dimensions. Working with a supplier to Kentucky Fried Chicken is a good example of our ability to create original product designs.
KFC had worked with other shops to create their main point-of-sale display, but the designs did not meet the Restaurant’s needs. The following list outlines the critical design features that KFC required:
  Exact width and height specifications
  Heavy base that eliminates risk of tipping over
  Fixtures that allow easy display changes
  Sturdy column that reduces “wobbling”
After receiving KFC’s product specifications, Hartzell’s engineering team designed a model that met all of KFC’s product specifications. The team created original weld fixtures for the display inserts that made the display extremely functional and user-friendly. The base was made of heavier material that gave the whole structure better stability. From start to finish, Hartzell provided the solution that KFC needed for a functional point-of-sale display.
After Hartzell designed and created the point-of-sale display, KFC adopted the display to be used in its restaurants across the country. Today the display is still produced by Hartzell and is placed in thousands of KFC lobbies nationwide.
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