From fabrication to finishing, Hartzell has the capacity to meet all of its customer’s fabrication needs. We are committed to using the latest technology so that our customers can depend on us to meet their specific needs. Our capabilities encompass the entire fabrication process, but the following highlight our main capabilities:
  State of the art laser cutting
  CAD system – 3D electronic blueprints
  Precise bending and forming
  Expert spot welding
  Complete hardware assembly
  High quality spray painting
  Advanced powder coating technology
  Quality furnished silk screening
Precision Fabrication Technology
Customers of Hartzell are confident that we will produce parts that meet their specific measurement requirements. Our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) ensures that we maintain process specifications that are critical to end-product functionality.
Flexible Production Processes
To meet the changing demands of our customer’s production needs, Hartzell has the ability to adapt its production processes. One process that has grown in popularity is the Kanban production system. The Kanban system is closely associated with the Just-In-Time delivery method. This system requires that the manufacturer is flexible and able to meet production requirements with relatively short notice. The following list highlights benefits the customer receives with a Kanban production process:
  Highly responsive to customer product demands
  Reduced inventory
  Efficient production processes
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